Episode 27 - Macaque Prison Gangs


In this episode, we're talking cure for the common cold... or at least, a vaccine for it. Also, Kevin and Matt read the wrong paper, Chadene corrects Kevin's pronunciation of her name (again!) and we give a big round of applause for Dr. Kate Franz (though she's still too busy for us).

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The Paper: A polyvalent inactivated rhinovirus vaccine is broadly immunogenic in rhesus macaques
Guardian article about the effort to develop a rhinovirus vaccine
Chadene's Blog - The SciMinded Idealist (and her post about episode 26)
Kevin's Beer - Left Hand Milk Stout

Episode 26 - Lies and Magic

Screenshot 2017-12-05 19.56.17.png

In this episode, we're talking cancer, checkpoint blockade and poop - what's not to love? Also, Camilla is the only one drinking, Matt thinks the study needs more mice, and it took Kevin an extra 2 hours to edit this episode to remove all (he hopes) of his sniffles.

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A paper-heavy links section this time:

Episode 25 - You're famous if you have a wikipedia page



OMG, Audiommunity is back! With a... vengeance? That doesn't make any sense. But we're back!

We've got a couple of new hosts - Please give a warm welcome to Chadene Tremaglio and Camilla Engblom! Kate is still holed up in a cave (lab) trying to wrap up her PhD. But she'll soon return... we hope...

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The "original" alcoholic ginger beer
Thomas Benjamin (Chadene lied... there's no wikipedia page!)
Filtered Fecal Transplant Paper
Evo Devo (Desposito Cover) - Also check out this guy's patreon page, this stuff is great!

Episode 24 - The Devil Went Down to... awww, C'mon Matt

Path of Devil Facial Tumor Disease. Figure 1 from  doi:10.1038/ncomms12684

Path of Devil Facial Tumor Disease. Figure 1 from doi:10.1038/ncomms12684

Audiommunity loves Tasmanian devils, so we bite the shit out of them... In this episode, we're talking about a contagious tumor that couldn't happen to a nicer species. No seriously, it really couldn't. Tasmanian devils bite each other on the face to say hello. WTF devils?

And we answer audience e-mail that's been in the inbox for months! I know, I know... we're going to record more frequently going forward - honest!


Paper: Rapid evolutionary response to a transmissible cancer in Tasmanian devils

Gross pictures of devil tumor facial disease

Episode 23 - If At First You Don't Succeed

This week - Evidence that viruses drive the evolution of their hosts - who would have guessed? Matt struggles to remember how evolution works, and Kate and Kevin yell past each other about open peer review.

We initially recorded this episode a month ago, but Kevin messed up his audio settings and his recording was unusable. So sorry as always for the delay, but we hope you enjoy!


Paper (open access): Viruses are a dominant driver of protein adaptation in mammals
SIT'N Listen - A Podcast from Science in the News
Classic McDonald-Kreitman Test (wikipedia)
Kevin's many posts and podcasts about science publication

Kate's Beer (between Bud Light Lime and Mayflower Porter): Pacifico
Kevin's beer (once again): Grey Lady