Episode 28 - Giant Bag of Autoimmunity


Blame Kevin for the delay on this one - it's hard to edit podcasts in Hong Kong.

Today (well, three weeks ago), Matt and Kevin talked about epitope spreading in Lupus, and a ton of crazy mouse models that allowed researchers to dissect the way a single auto-reactive B-cell clone can spread the disease party to its neighbors. 

Also in this episode - Kevin complains about politicians' views on global warming (I can't link the map because of the government shutdown), and Matt totally doesn't have any conflicts of interest on this paper...

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- The Paper - Clonal evolution of autoreactive germinal centers (it's behind a paywall, and we definitely won't send you the PDF if you e-mail us at definitely not)
- Blah, Blah, Blah IPA from 21st Amendment
- What Matt was drinking. Not a mistake.

Episode 19 - J Lo Poop Pills

By SuSanA Secretariat -, CC BY 2.0

By SuSanA Secretariat -, CC BY 2.0

In this episode, how parasitic worms alter in immunomodulatory effects of the gut microbiome. Also, Kate expresses her distaste for large datasets and animal experiments, and Matt proposes a weight loss company that will only market to identical twins.


The paper: The Intestinal Microbiota Contributes to the Ability of Helminths to Modulate Allergic Inflammation

Original paper on gut microbes and short chain fatty acids

The company that Kevin couldn't remember: Seres Therapeutics

Minisode 6 - Matt on the Immunology of Mars One

In this minisode, Matt discusses the impact of immunology... IN SPAAAAACCCE...

From infectious disease, to gut microbiota, we dive into the immunology of the Mars One project which hopes to send humans to Mars within the next decade. We refer a bunch to a Weber training powerpoint available on the web and provided here. Additionally, we talk a little bit about a recent MIT study which might demand some reflection on our colonizing enthusiasm.