Episode 3 - Immunologists' Dirty Little Secret

Click here to download episode. Fungal hyphae growing on Toll mutant D. melanogaster

Today, we're talking the other immunity (that both Kate and Kevin happen to study). Neglected for nearly one hundred years, the innate immune system is required for getting inflammation going, and without it, adaptive immunity wouldn't function.

We discuss a landmark paper by the late Charles Janeway that set the stage for the revolution in understanding, and a newer study that aims to use our modern understanding of the innate immune system to make better vaccines. Check back later for some graphics and explainers.

CORRECTION: "Variola" causes smallpox, not chickenpox. The chickenpox virus is "Varicella." Thanks to listener Robin Datta for the correction.



Approaching the Asymptote: Evolution and Revolution in Immunology

Programing the Magnitude and Persistence of Antibody Responses with Innate Immunity

Blog post Kevin wrote about the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine - it's a bit controversial (make sure to read the comments too!)

More controversy about the history on the fly side from Bruno Lemaitre (who did the work in Jules Hoffman's lab on fly Toll and immunity)