Episode 26 - Lies and Magic

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In this episode, we're talking cancer, checkpoint blockade and poop - what's not to love? Also, Camilla is the only one drinking, Matt thinks the study needs more mice, and it took Kevin an extra 2 hours to edit this episode to remove all (he hopes) of his sniffles.

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A paper-heavy links section this time:

Episode 16 - Jimmy Carter's Brain on Drugs

Taking the breaks off of the immune system can get it to attack cancer cells

Taking the breaks off of the immune system can get it to attack cancer cells

In this episode, Matt and Kevin discuss checkpoint blockade cancer immunotherapy (wow, that's a mouthful). When cancer stamps down the breaks of the immune system, cutting the break line can allow T-cells to do their job. 

Meanwhile, Kate's teeth are falling out of her head, and Matt can't even remember what scotch he's drinking. 

This episode was recorded Friday, Jan 8th... we're getting better folks. 


Episode 7 - Hot Dog Buns, Hard Lines and Floppy Bits

Click here to download After a hard day's work, sometimes you want to just kick your feet back and relax. Unfortunately, sometimes your CD8 T-cells want the same thing, even though they don't have feet. During chronic viral infections, T-cells get exhausted, and this fact has enormous implications for human health. We discuss what killer T-cells are, how and why they get exhausted, and new research that points towards potential therapy for everything from HIV to cancer.



The paper: Restoring function in exhausted CD8 T cells during chronic viral infection