Episode 29 - Camilla's Science is Cursed


I swear, we know how to count; this episode was originally recorded back in January, but Camilla's audio file was weirdly corrupted. And in this attempt, Chadene's computer exploded, but we soldiered on without her.

In this episode, we're discussing Camilla's PhD paper, in which bone-forming cells promote tumors in the lung by activating specialized neutrophils. Yeah, it doesn't make any sense to me either, but it's beautiful work.


The Paper: Osteoblasts remotely supply lung tumors with cancer-promoting SiglecFhigh neutrophils.

Blog post (suitable for non-immunologists)

Kevin's beers: Whirlpool (from Night Shift) and Conehead (from Zero Gravity)

Camilla's beer: A Year with Dr. Nandu

Episode 32 - Not an accurate representation of grad school

Figure 2 B from https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1716937115

Figure 2 B from https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1716937115

In this episode, Chadene, Kate and Kevin discuss Kate's recently published paper about how STING, once thought to be involved only in defense against DNA viruses, actually slows RNA virus replication as well. Also, Chadene throws herself under the bus, and Kevin manages to only talk for about 20% of the time. 


Episode 31 - Two Bucket Disease

Graphical abstract from the paper. Guys, Matt and I don't charge that much to help with figure design...

Graphical abstract from the paper. Guys, Matt and I don't charge that much to help with figure design...

In this episode, we're talking about Salmonella, and the peculiar way in which it tries to keep you eating to keep you alive. Who knew pathogens could be so kind?

Also, Chadene struggles to introduce the podcast, and Kate decides to Kevin 4 years later that we're misspelling the name of the podcast. Too late now!


The Paper: Pathogen-mediated inhibition of anorexia promotes host survival and transmission
Kate's Shandy (Sorry, I refuse to put a link to Rolling Rock)
Resorb - (eg Scandinavian magic)

Episode 30 - No Drop Shadows on Error Bars

Neutrophil grabbing Staph.  From Wikipedia

Neutrophil grabbing Staph. From Wikipedia

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, and yes, we know how to count... Episode 29 is still in limbo as Camilla valiantly attempts to re-record just her portion. 

In this episode, Kevin and Camilla discuss Salmonella virulence, and how different strains alter the immunogenicity of pathogens. Oh, and Kate's here too... KATE'S BACK!! WOO!! Dr. Franz has a new job, but is just as snarky and ill-prepared as ever. Plus she refuses to drink on the job.

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EDIT: Sorry if this showed up in your feed late - there was a mistake in formatting :-(


The Paper: Strains of bacterial species induce a greatly varied acute adaptive immune response: the contribution of the accessory genome
Short Path Distillery
Organ Preservation Alliance (where Kate works now)

Episode 28 - Giant Bag of Autoimmunity


Blame Kevin for the delay on this one - it's hard to edit podcasts in Hong Kong.

Today (well, three weeks ago), Matt and Kevin talked about epitope spreading in Lupus, and a ton of crazy mouse models that allowed researchers to dissect the way a single auto-reactive B-cell clone can spread the disease party to its neighbors. 

Also in this episode - Kevin complains about politicians' views on global warming (I can't link the map because of the government shutdown), and Matt totally doesn't have any conflicts of interest on this paper...

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- The Paper - Clonal evolution of autoreactive germinal centers (it's behind a paywall, and we definitely won't send you the PDF if you e-mail us at comments@emmunity.org... definitely not)
- Blah, Blah, Blah IPA from 21st Amendment
- What Matt was drinking. Not a mistake.