Episode 30 - No Drop Shadows on Error Bars

Neutrophil grabbing Staph.  From Wikipedia

Neutrophil grabbing Staph. From Wikipedia

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you, and yes, we know how to count... Episode 29 is still in limbo as Camilla valiantly attempts to re-record just her portion. 

In this episode, Kevin and Camilla discuss Salmonella virulence, and how different strains alter the immunogenicity of pathogens. Oh, and Kate's here too... KATE'S BACK!! WOO!! Dr. Franz has a new job, but is just as snarky and ill-prepared as ever. Plus she refuses to drink on the job.

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The Paper: Strains of bacterial species induce a greatly varied acute adaptive immune response: the contribution of the accessory genome
Short Path Distillery
Organ Preservation Alliance (where Kate works now)