Episode 28 - Giant Bag of Autoimmunity


Blame Kevin for the delay on this one - it's hard to edit podcasts in Hong Kong.

Today (well, three weeks ago), Matt and Kevin talked about epitope spreading in Lupus, and a ton of crazy mouse models that allowed researchers to dissect the way a single auto-reactive B-cell clone can spread the disease party to its neighbors. 

Also in this episode - Kevin complains about politicians' views on global warming (I can't link the map because of the government shutdown), and Matt totally doesn't have any conflicts of interest on this paper...

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- The Paper - Clonal evolution of autoreactive germinal centers (it's behind a paywall, and we definitely won't send you the PDF if you e-mail us at comments@emmunity.org... definitely not)
- Blah, Blah, Blah IPA from 21st Amendment
- What Matt was drinking. Not a mistake.